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Expansion of the spot produced by a beam of electrons striking the face of a cathode-ray indicator, caused by maladjustment

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In a radar set, a sharp voltage pulse which is applied to the modulator tubes to fire the transmitter, applied simultaneously to the sweep generator to start the electron beam moving radially from the sweep origin to the edge of the face of the cathode-ray tube.


An instrument for x-ray analysis of crystal structure and measuring wavelengths of x-rays and gamma rays, in which a homogeneous beam of x-rays is directed on the known face of a crystal and the reflected beam is detected in a suitably placed ionization chamber. Also known as crystal spectrometer; crystal-diffraction spectrometer; ionization spectrometer.


The technique of transporting high-energy, high-current electron beams from an accelerator to a target through a region of high-pressure gas by creating a path through the gas where the gas density may be temporarily reduced; the gas may be ionized; or a current may flow whose magnetic field focuses the electron beam on the target.


  1. One of the electrodes of graphite used in a mercury cell to produce chlorine by electrolysis. 2. The rod of graphite which is inserted into the mercury-pool cathode of an ignitron to start current flow. 3. The collector of electrons in a beam power tube or other high-current tube.


A source of multiply charged heavy ions which uses an intense electron beam with energies of 5 to 10 kiloelectronvolts to successively ionize injected gas. Abbreviated EBIS.


Bearings over the beam to the stern, the ships after sections.


A metal beam with flanges fabricated from a material that differs from that of the web plate and has a different minimum yield strength.


A radar reflector consisting of three mutually perpendicular flat reflecting surfaces designed to return incident electro- magnetic radiation toward its source. The reflector is used to render objects such as buoys and sailboats more conspicuous to radar observations. Since maximum effectiveness is obtained when the incident beam coincides with the axis of symmetry of the reflector, clusters of reflectors are sometimes used to insure that the object will be a good reflector in all directions. Also called TRIHEDRAL REFLECTOR.


The vertical distance from the molded baseline to the top of the freeboard deck beam at side, measured at midlength of the ship


A prism that deviates a light beam by internal reflection.

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