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Snow raised from the ground and carried by the wind to such a height that both vertical and horizontal visibility are considerably reduced. The expression DRIFTING SNOW is used when only the horizontal visibility is reduced.

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Snow raised from the ground and carried by the wind to such a height that the horizontal visibility is considerably reduced but the vertical visibility is not materially diminished. The expression BLOWING SNOW is used when both the horizontal and vertical visibility are considerably reduced.


A change in wind direction or speed in a short distance, resulting in a shearing effect. It can act in a horizontal or vertical direction and, occasionally, in both. The degree of turbulence increases as the amount of wind shear increases.


A double-jointed vane which measures vertical as well as horizontal wind direction.


The divergence of the air stream in a horizontal or vertical plane after it leaves the outlet.


A vertical pipe that leads water from a roof drain or gutter down to the ground or a cistern. Also known as downcomer; leader.


  1. The initial formation of a front or frontal zone. 2. In general, an increase in the horizontal gradient of an air mass property, principally density, and the development of the accompanying features of the wind field that characterize a front.


Antenna or transmission line tower designed to withstand unbalanced mechanical pull from all the conductors in one direction together with the wind strain and vertical loads.


A hydraulic plastics molding press with both horizontal and vertical rams; used to produce complex moldings with deep undercuts.


The vertical angle between the horizontal and a straight line tangent to the surface of the earth. It is larger than DIP by the amount of terrestrial refraction.


A hinge with a vertical bar and horizontal strap.

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