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The oldest and hardest form of glacier ice, distinguished by a slightly bluish or greenish color

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Any form of ice found floating in water. The principal kinds of floating ice are lake ice, river ice and sea ice which form by the freezing of water at the surface, and glacier ice (ice of land origin) formed on land or in an ice shelf. The concept includes ice that is stranded or grounded.


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A petroleum-refinery process in which naphthas are passed over a catalyst at elevated temperatures and moderate pressures in the presence of added hydrogen or hydrogen-containing gases, to form high-octane BTX aromatics for motor fuels or chemical manufacture.


During chemical processing, a second solvent added to the original solvent, generally in small concentrations, to form a mixture that has greatly enhanced solvent powers due to synergism.


A roof in which each truss is in the form of an arch.


A cylindrical chamber in an engine in which the energy of the working fluid, in the form of pressure and heat, is converted to mechanical force by performing work on the piston. Also known as cylinder.


The climate of a confined space, such as inside a house, barn, or greenhouse, or in an artificial or natural cave; a form of microclimate. Also spelled kryptoclimate.


The maximum angle with the horizontal at which a sloped bank of soil of a given height will remain undeformed without some form of support.


A simple wave in the form of curve.


The use of heat on fresh paint films to speed the evaporation of thinners and to promote the reaction of binder components so as to form a hard polymeric film. Also known as stoving.

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