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A sheltered area in a harbor set aside for the use of boats, usually with docks, moorings, etc

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Sail set from extensions of the primary yards to provide more sail area in light winds.


A research area which may include any part or all of an estuary, adjoining transitional areas, and adjacent uplands, constituting to the extent feasible a natural unit, set aside to provide scientists and students the opportunity to examine over a period of time the ecological relationships within the area.


  1. The process of towing a wire or horizontally set bar below the surface, to determine the least depth in an area or to insure that a given area is free from navigational dangers to a certain depth. 2. The process of pulling along the bottom, as in dragging anchor.


  1. Charts on which tidal current data are depicted graphically. 2. Tidal Current Chart, as published by the National Ocean Survey, part of a set of charts which depict, by means of arrows and figures, the direction and velocity of the tidal current for each hour of the tidal cycle. The charts, which may be used for any year, present a comprehensive view of the tidal current movement in the respective waterways as a whole and also supply a means for readily determining for any time the direction and velocity of the current at various localities throughout the water area covered.


A sailing tactic for handling winds too strong for the sail area hoisted when reefing the sails is not feasible or possible. The headsail is set normally while the mainsail is let out till it is constantly luffing. This creates loss of force on the main and also reduces the efficiency of the headsail while still retaining sailing control of the vessel.


one mast, two sails. The mainsail is aft of the mast and a jib forward of the mast, usually attached to the forestay. Spritsail rig - a sprit is a boom that extends upward from the mast foot to the topmost corner of a quadrangle sail. The rig extends the sail area set from a short mast.


A designated area for discharging solid ballast before entering harbor


In quality control, a graph summarizing the distribution, central value, and variability of a set of data values; used to identify problems (or potential problems) that affect the quality of processes and products.


A reference system that permits the designation of the location of a point or an area on a map, photograph, or other graphic in terms of numbers and letters. Also called ALPHANUMERIC GRID.


A warm wind in Spain, either a foehn or a hot southerly wind in advance of a low pressure area moving from the Sahara Desert.

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