A thunderstorm or violent squall, especially in the Mediterranean

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A line connecting points at which some specified phase of a thunderstorm occurs at the same time


In radio reception noise or static due to natural causes such as thunderstorm activity. Sometimes shortened to ATMOSPHERIC NOISE.


A cloud species unique to the genus cirrus, of such optical thickness as to appear grayish on the side away from the sun, and to veil the sun, conceal its outline, or even hide it. These often origi- nate from the upper part of a cumulonimbus, and are often so dense that they suggest clouds of the middle level. Also called THUNDERSTORM CIRRUS, CIRRUS SPISSATUS


A small eddy cloud sometimes formed below the leading edge of a thunderstorm cloud, between the upward and downward currents.


Strictly, the combined occurrence of a thunderstorm and a squall, the squall usually being associated with the downrush phenomenon typical of a well-developed thunderstorm.


A local storm invariably produced by a cumulonimbus cloud and always accompanied by lightning and thunder, usually with strong gusts of wind, heavy rain, and sometimes with hail. It is usually of short duration.

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