1. A cloud resting on the top of an isolated mountain peak. The cloud appears stationary, but actually is being continually formed to windward and dissipated to leeward. A similar cloud over a mountain ridge is called a CREST CLOUD. See also BANNER CLOUD. 2. False cirrus over a towering cumulus, in the form of a cap or hood

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To form a stable, water-soluble complex.


An anti-friction rolling type bearing containing rolling elements in the form of balls.


The top of the piston in an internal combustion engine above the fire ring, exposed to direct flame impingement.


The temperature at which waxy crystals in an oil or fuel form a cloudy appearance.


The process whereby large molecules are broken down by the application of heat and pressure to form smaller molecules.


The ability of a fluid that is insoluble in water to separate from water with which it may be mixed in the form of an emulsion.


A non-metallic element - No. 6 in the periodic table. Diamonds and graphite are pure forms of carbon. Carbon is a constituent of all organic compounds. It also occurs in combined form in many inorganic substances; i.e., carbon dioxide, limestone, etc.


Permanent deformation of the bearing surfaces where the rollers (or balls) contact the races. Brinelling results from excessive load or impact on stationary bearings. It is a form of mechanical damage in which metal is displaced or upset without attrition.


A crystalline form of carbon having a laminar structure, which is used as a lubricant. It may be of natural or synthetic origin.


The ability of a non-water-soluble fluid to form an emulsion with water.

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