A gentle breeze in the Hebrides

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A breeze blowing from the land to the sea. It usually blows by night, when the sea is warmer than the land, and alternates with a SEA BREEZE, which blows in the opposite direction by day.


A breeze that blows down a mountain slope due to the gravitational flow of cooled air.


1. Wind of force 2 to 6 (4-31 miles per hour or 4-27 knots) on the Beaufort wind scale. Wind of force 2 (4-7 miles per hour or 4-6 knots) is classified as a light breeze; wind of force 3 (8-12 miles per hour or 7-10 knots), a gentle breeze; wind of force 4 (13-18 miles per hour or 11-16 knots), a moderate breeze; wind, of force 5 (19- 24 miles per hour or 17-21 knots), a fresh breeze; and wind of force 6 (25-31 miles per hour or 22-27 knots), a strong breeze. See also LIGHT AIR. 2. Any light wind.


A night land breeze prevailing from November to May at La Paz, near the southern extremity of the Gulf of California.


1. A cooling sea breeze in the Tropics. 2. The strong southeast wind which blows on the south African coast. Usually called CAPE DOCTOR


A breeze blowing from the sea to adjacent land. It usually blows by day, when the land is warmer than the sea, and alternates with a LAND BREEZE, which blows in the opposite direction by night.


Wind of force 3 (7 to 10 knots or 8 to 12 miles per hour) on the Beaufort wind scale

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