The point in any body at which the force of gravity may be considered to be concentrated. Same as CENTER OF MASS in a uniform gravitational field.

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A device which converts mechanical force and motion into pneumatic flow power.


An instrument for determining either the specific gravity of a liquid or the API gravity.


The magnetic precipitation and subsequent analysis of wear debris from a fluid sample .This approach involves passing a volume of fluid over a chemically treated microscope slide which is supported over a magnetic field. Permanent magnets are arranged in such a way as to create a varying field strength over the length of the substrate. This varying strength causes wear debris to precipitate in a distribution with respect to size and mass over the Ferrogram. Once rinsed and fixed to the substrate, this debris deposit serves as an excellent media for optical analysis of the composite wear particulates.


A rapidly rotating mass free to move about one or both axes perpendicular to the axis of rotation and to each other. It is characterized by GYROSCOPIC INERTIA and PRECESSION. Usually shortened to GYRO. The term also refers colloquially to the GYROCOMPASS.


The oscillatory vertical rise and fall, due to the entire hull being lifted by the force of the sea. Also called HEAVING


A gravity scale established by the American Petroleum Institute and in general use in the petroleum industry, the unit being called 'the A.P.I. degree' .


The volume, mass, or weight of a fluid passing through any conductor per unit of time.


The resisting force encountered at the common boundary between two bodies when, under the action of an external force, one body, moves or tends to move relative to the surface of the other.


A device which converts mechanical force and motion into hydraulic fluid power.


Any substance that flows readily or changes in response to the smallest influence. More generally, any substance in which the force required to produce a deformation depends on the rate of deformation rather than on the magnitude of the deformation.

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