One-hundredth of a meter

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The unit of current in the centimeter gram-second electro- magnetic system. The abampere is 10 amperes.


A system of units based on the centimeter as the unit of length, the gram as the unit of mass, and the mean solar second as the unit of time. Its units with special names include the erg, the dyne, the gauss, and the oersted.


A force which imparts an acceleration of 1 centimeter per second to a mass of 1 gram. The dyne is the unit of force in the centimeter-gram-second system. It corresponds to 10-5 newton in the International System of Units.


A special unit employed in geodesy and geophysics to express the acceleration due to gravity. The gal is a unit accepted temporarily for use with the International System of Units; 1 gal is equal to 1 centimeter per second, per second.


The pressure unit of the centimeter-gram-second system of physical units; equal to 1 dyne per square centimeter (0.001 millibar). Also known as microbar.


A unit of pressure equal to the pressure that would support a column of mercury 1 centimeter high, having a density of 13.5951 grams per cubic centimeter, when the acceleration of gravity is equal to its standard value (980.665 centimeters per second per second); it is equal to 1333.22387415 pascals; it differs from the dekatorr by less than 1 part in 7,000,000. Abbreviated cmHg.


The decrease in volume per unit volume of a substance ment drives, especially while See centimeter.cmHg See centimeter of mercury.


A centimeter-gramsecond system of electric and magnetic units in which the unit of charge is that charge which exerts a force of 1 dyne on another unit charge when separated from it by a distance of 1 centimeter in vacuum; other units are derived from this definition by assigning unit coefficients in equations relating electric and magnetic quantities. Abbreviated esu.


A unit of mass, equal to the mass which is accelerated by 1 centimeter per second per second by a force of 1 gram-force, or to 980.665 grams.


Triode in which the grid forms part of a grounded electrostatic screen between the anode and cathode, and is used as a mixer for centimeter wavelengths.

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