A timepiece not meant to be carried on the person

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A clock designed to keep very accurate time


A precision clock that depends for its operation upon an electrical oscillator regulated by an atomic system. The basic principle of the clock is that electromagnetic waves of a particular fre- quency are emitted when an atomic transition occurs


An instrument for producing a graphical record of time as shown by a clock or other device. The chronograph produces a double record: the first is made by the associated clock and forms a continuous time scale with significant marks indicating periodic beats of the time keepers; the second is made by some external agency, human or mechanical, and records the occurrence of an event or a series of events. The time interval of such occurrences are read on the time scale made by the clock.


In the direction of rotation of the hands of a clock


A quartz crystal clock intended for marine use. The degree of accuracy is such that it requires no chronometer rate, but can be reset electrically if necessary.


A Department of Defense program which degrades the accuracy of the pseudorange measurement of the GPS signal by dithering the clock time and ephemerides data, providing a less accurate fix for civilian users. It can be turned on or off at will by DoD.


The amount gained or lost by a watch or clock in a unit of time. It is usually expressed in seconds per 24 hours, to an accuracy of 0.1s, and labeled gaining or losing, as appropriate, when it is sometimes called DAILY RATE.


The hour of the day as indicated by a watch or clock. Watches and clocks are generally set approximately to zone time. Unless a watch or clock has a 24-hour dial, watch time is usually expressed on a 12hour cycle and labeled AM or PM.


A simulation method for queues in which the system model is updated at each arrival or departure, resulting in the master clock being increased by a variable amount.


A thermometer consisting of a clock mechanism whose speed is a function of temperature; automatically calculates the mean temperature.

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