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A line on a map or chart passing through places having the same current hour

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A line on a map or chart passing through places having the same cotidal hour


A line drawn on a map or chart joining points of equal grivation


  1. A parallel of latitude which is used as a control line in the computation of a map projection. 2. A parallel of latitude on a map or chart along which the scale is as stated for that map or chart.


A topographic feature, such as sand, swamp, vegetation, etc., which extends over an area. It is represented on the published map or chart by a solid or screened color, by a prepared pattern of symbols, or by a delimiting line


A chart on which a great circle appears as a straight line or approximately so, particularly a chart on the gnomonic map projection.


  1. A series of lines, usually straight and parallel, superimposed on a chart or plotting sheet to serve as a directional reference for navigation. 2. Two sets of mutually perpendicular lines dividing a map or chart into squares or rectangles to permit location of any point by a system of rectangular coordinates. Also called REFERENCE GRID.


The ratio between a distance on a chart and the corresponding distance represented as a ratio such as 1:80,000 (natural scale), or 30 miles to an inch (numerical scale). May be called MAP SCALE when applied to any map.


In meteorology, any chart or map on which data and analyses are presented that describe the state of the atmosphere over a large area at a given moment of time. A synoptic surface chart is an analyzed synoptic chart of surface weather observations.


The scale of a map or chart expressed as a fraction or ratio that relates unit distance on the map to distance measured in the same unit on the ground. Also called NATURAL SCALE, FRACTIONAL SCALE.


A line making the same oblique angle with all fictitious meridians of a transverse Mercator map projection. Trans- verse parallels and meridians may be considered special cases of the transverse rhumb line. Also called INVERSE RHUMB LINE.

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