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A gentle slope rising from oceanic depths toward the foot of a continental slope

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A uniformly steep slope in a retaining wall or pier; inclination is expressed as 1 foot horizontally per vertical unit (in feet).


Inboard slope of a ships side above the designed waterline


A triangular topsail with its foot extended upon the gaff.


The total quantity of thermal energy above a fixed datum introduced into a furnace by the fuel, considered to be the product of the hourly fuel rate and its high heating value, expressed in Btu per hour per cubic foot of furnace volume or square foot of heating surface.


A spar attached to the foot of a fore-and-aft sail.


  1. the lower edge of any sail. 2. the bottom of a mast. 3. a measurement of 12 inches.


The heat available per square foot of heat-absorbing surface in the furnace. That surface is the projected area of tubes and extended metallic surfaces on the furnace side including walls, floors, roof, partition walls, and platens and the area of the plane of the furnace exit which is defined as the entrance to the convection tube bank.


A spar used to spread the foot of a gaff-topsail.


A device to slow a boat down in a storm so that it does not speed excessively down the slope of a wave and crash into the next one. It is generally constructed of heavy flexible material in the shape of a cone. See also sea anchor.


Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit for containers. See containers

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