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An airspace of defined dimensions within which air traffic control service is provided

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A service Bill (of Lading) is a contract of carriage issued by one carrier to another for documentary and internal control purposes. For internal documentary and control purposes a so-called participating agent in a consortium uses some kind of document which, depending on the trade, is referred to as 'Memo Bill' which will among others state: 1) Name of Carrier on whose behalf the original document (Way Bill, Bill of Lading,etc.) was issued. 2) The original document number. The agent who issued the original document and his opponent at the discharging side. 3) The number of packages, weight and measurement, marks and numbers and goods description. 4) Further mandatory details in case of special cargo.


INMARSAT broadcast service for commercial traffic. An EGC-message communication destined for ships of a certain company.


A type of air circulation in a temperature control container. Air is pulled by a fan from the top of the container, passed through the evaporator coil for cooling, and then forced through the space under the load and up through the cargo. This type of air ow provides even temperatures.


A base chart with overprints of various operating areas necessary to control fleet exercise activities. Submarine Transit Lanes, Surface and Sub-surface Operating Areas, Air Space Warning Areas, Controlled Air Spaces, and other restricted areas are portrayed.


Modification and control of soil, water, and air environments of humans and other living organisms.


Airspace of defined dimensions within which the ready identification location, and control of aircraft are required.


NOx reduction technique predominantly used for fuel oil firing. The fuel is injected into a fuel-rich primary zone. This stoichiometry helps to control the fuel Nox mechanism. When firing gas, staged air produces higher NOx emissions than staged fuel.


The maintenance of a fixed value of draft in a furnace at all combustion rates by control of incoming air and outgoing products of combustion.


A service provided to maintain the orderly and safe movement of platforms or vehicles. It encompasses the systematic observation of airspace, surface, or subsurface areas by electronic, visual, and other means to locate, identify, and control the movement of vehicles.


The simultaneous control of the physical and the chemical conditions of the atmosphere within a structure. This is achieved by affecting some or all of the following air conditions: temperature, humidity, motion, distribution, pressure, dust, bacteria, odours, toxic gases, and ionization.

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