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Luminous and often audible discharge of electricity intermediate between a spark and a point discharge.

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  1. The luminous envelope surrounding the sun but visible only during a total eclipse. 2. A luminous discharge due to ionization of the air surrounding an electric conductor. 3. A set of one or more rainbow-colored rings of small radii surrounding the sun, moon, or other source of light covered by a thin cloud veil. It is caused by diffraction of the light by tiny droplets in the atmosphere, and hence the colors are in the reverse order to those of a HALO caused by refraction. 4. A circle of light occasionally formed by the apparent convergency of the beams of the aurora.


A meteor having a magnitude brighter than 4 magnitude. Bolides are observed with much less frequency than shooting stars. Light bursts, spark showers, or splitting of the luminous trail are sometimes seen along their trails. The luminous trails persist for minutes and may persist up to an hour in exceptional cases. Also called FIREBALL. See also METEOR.


A luminous discharge of electricity from pointed objects such as the masts and arms of ships, lightning rods, steeples, etc. occurring when there is a considerable atmospheric difference in potential. Also called CORPOSANT, CORONA DISCHARGE.


A machine for removing dusts and mists from gases, in which the gas passes through a grounded pipe with a fine axial wire at a high negative voltage, and particles are ionized by the corona discharge of the wire and migrate to the pipe.


(1) The swirling motion of a liquid in a vessel at the entrance to a discharge nozzle. (2) The point in a cyclonic gas path where the two spirals change general direction by 180o.


Positive displacement pump systems are fitted with a relief (regulating) valve for adjusting pump discharge pressure and to avoid the possibility of rupturing the pump casing or discharge pipe.


A luminous body of burning gas or vapor.


The ratio of the absolute pressure at the discharge from a compressor divided by the absolute pressure at the suction. For internal combustion engines compression ration is absolute pressure at the end of compression stroke divided by absolute pressure at beginning of this stroke


A trap designed to discharge its condensate against boiler pressure and feed to the boiler without additional mechanical equipment.

Booster Pump

A pump used to increase the discharge pressure from another pump (such as a cargo pump).

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