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The adjustment of soundings for any departure from true depth because of the method of sounding or any fault in the measuring apparatus.

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A line, graduated with attached marks and fastened to a sounding lead, used for determining the depth of water when making soundings by hand. The lead line is usually used in depths of less than 25 fathoms. Also called SOUNDING LINE.


Measuring the depth of the water using a sonar device. See also sounding and swinging the lead.


  1. A plummet or mass of lead attached to a line, used in sounding depth at sea.
  2. In former usage, to estimate velocity in knots.
  3. The direction a mooring line takes up while being handled or when made fast.


A line connecting points of equal depth below the sounding datum. It may be called FATHOM CURVE or FATHOM LINE if depth is expressed in fathoms. Also called DEPTH CURVE, ISOBATH.


An apparatus for surveying rock areas where the normal sounding methods are insufficient to insure the discovery of all existing obstructions above a given depth, or for determining the least depth of an area. It consists of a buoyed wire towed at the desired depth by two vessels. Often shortened to DRAG. See also DRAG -


A pipe leading to the bottom of an oil or water tank, for guiding a sounding tape or jointed rod when measuring the depth of liquid in the tank.
Sounding pipes in the engine room are normally fitted with deadweight cocks and screw caps. Caps and cocks should be closed at all times, except when sounding tanks.


The measurement of the depth of water.


The vertical distance from the root to the crest of the thread.


The diameter of an imaginary cylinder equal to half the depth of the thread, it is the basic diameter for rolling threads.


A measure of length, equivalent to 6 linear feet, used for depths of water and lengths of anchor chain

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