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A type of cloud over a mountain ridge, similar to a cap cloud over an isolated peak. The cloud is apparently stationary, but actually is continually being formed to windward and dissipated to leeward.

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  1. A cloud resting on the top of an isolated mountain peak. The cloud appears stationary, but actually is being continually formed to windward and dissipated to leeward. A similar cloud over a mountain ridge is called a CREST CLOUD. See also BANNER CLOUD. 2. False cirrus over a towering cumulus, in the form of a cap or hood


A shore downwind of a ship. A ship which cannot sail well to windward risks being blown onto a lee shore and grounded.


The tendency of a sailboat to turn to windward in a strong wind when there is no change in the rudder's position. This is the opposite of lee helm and is the result of a dynamically unbalanced condition.


A close, clear-cut ice edge compacted by wind or current. It is usually on the windward side of an area of pack ice.


In the shape of a lens, used to refer to an apparently stationary cloud resembling a lens, being broad in its middle and tapering at the ends and having a smooth appearance. Actually, the cloud continually forms to windward and dissipates to leeward


The condition of diminished rainfall on the lee side of a mountain or mountain range, where the rainfall is noticeably less than on the windward side.


Historic lateen rigged Mediterranean merchant ship capable of windward performance.


Tack to windward less fine than close hauled to optimise sail thrust and consequent overall speed.


An arched rod that carries the lower mainsheet block clear of the deck and steering gear, allowing it to slide from windward to leeward when tacking.


has a lower boom and a gaff boom that attaches to the mainmast. The sail is a quadrangle. Does not come to windward as well as "modern" rigs but has less windage aloft when sail is reduced, and a powerful full sail when running.

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