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The distance a craft can travel at cruising speed without refueling

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The distance a craft can travel at cruising speed without refueling


  1. The distance between two meridians at any given parallel of latitude, expressed in linear units, usually nautical miles; the distance to the east or west made good by a craft in proceeding from one point to another. 2. The point at which reckoning of a voyage begins. It is usually established by bearings of prominent landmarks as the vessel clears a harbor and proceeds to sea. When a navigator establishes this point, he is said to take departure. Also called POINT OF DEPARTURE. 3. Act of departing or leaving. 4. The amount by which the value of a meteorological element differs from the normal value.


The distance traveled from the time a new speed is ordered to the time the new speed is being made.


The variation in the range of tide or in the speed of a tidal current due to changes in the distance of the moon from the earth. The range of tide and speed of the current tend alternately to increase and decrease as the moon approaches its perigee and apogee, respectively, the complete cycle being the anomalistic month. There is a similar but relatively unimportant inequality due to the sun; this cycle is the anomalistic year. The parallax has little direct effect upon the lunitidal intervals but tends to modify the phase effect. When the moon is in perigee, the priming and lagging of the tide due to the phase is diminished and when in apogee the priming and lagging is increased.


The distance a craft makes good to the south.


To increase the distance to the vessel ahead by reducing one ́s own speed


The speed estimated by dividing the distance between the last fix and an EP by the time between the fix and the EP.


The distance a craft makes good to the east


A train or other vehicle which travels at high speed at some distance above an electrically conducting track by means of levitation.


The distance a craft makes good to the west.

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