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A chart on which current data are graphically depicted

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The master electronic chart data base for the electronic navigation chart held in digital form by the hydrographic authority.


System Electronic Navigational Chart a database that comprises ENC data, ENC updates and other data added by the mariner that is accessed by, and displayed on, the ECDIS


New material printed on a map or chart to show data of importance or special value in addition to that originally printed.


The electronic chart data base actually accessed aboard ship for the display of electronic charts. It is developed from the ENC provided by hydrographic authorities, but is specific to the shipboard system. When corrected, it is the equivalent of a paper chart.


Any plot, graph, or tracing produced by the action of an electric current on prepared sensitized paper (or other chart material) or by means of an electrically controlled stylus or pen.


Regional Electronic Navigational Chart Co-ordinating Centre supplier of official chart data


  1. Charts on which tidal current data are depicted graphically. 2. Tidal Current Chart, as published by the National Ocean Survey, part of a set of charts which depict, by means of arrows and figures, the direction and velocity of the tidal current for each hour of the tidal cycle. The charts, which may be used for any year, present a comprehensive view of the tidal current movement in the respective waterways as a whole and also supply a means for readily determining for any time the direction and velocity of the current at various localities throughout the water area covered.


A current station at which continuous velocity observations have been made over a minimum of 29 days. Its purpose is to provide data for computing accepted values of the harmonic and nonharmonic constants essential to tidal current pre- dictions and circulatory studies. The data series from this station serves as the control for the reduction of relatively short series from subordinate current stations through the method of comparison of simultaneous observations.


In meteorology, any chart or map on which data and analyses are presented that describe the state of the atmosphere over a large area at a given moment of time. A synoptic surface chart is an analyzed synoptic chart of surface weather observations.


The master electronic chart data base for the electronic navigation chart held in digital form by the hydrographic authority.

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