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A curve connecting all points at which the great-circle bearing of a given point is the same. Also called CURVE OF CONSTANT BEARING

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An open curve with two parts, all points of which have a constant difference in distance from two fixed points called FOCI.


A line drawn on a graph of air temperature versus some function of humidity (usually wet-bulb temperature or relative humidity) to show the varying conditions under which the average sedentary person feels the same degree of comfort; a curve of constant comfort.


A curve obtained by plotting time against temperature for a solidliquid mixture cooling under constant conditions.


A bearing line to another vessel or object, which does not change over time. An approaching or closing craft is said to be on a steady bearing if the compass bearing does not change and risk of collision therefore exists. Also called CONSTANT BEARING, DECREASING RANGE (CBDR).


A constant bearing maintained while the distance between two craft is decreasing. collision cour


A line on the surface of the earth making the same oblique angle with all meridians; a loxodrome or loxodromic curve spirals toward the poles in a constant true direction. Parallels and meridians, which also maintain constant true directions, may be considered special cases of the rhumb line. A rhumb line is a straight line on a Mercator projection. Sometimes shortened to RHUMB.


  1. A plane closed curve all points of which are equidistant from a point within, called the center. A great circle is the intersection of a sphere and a plane through its center; it is the largest circle that can be drawn on a sphere. A small circle is the intersection of a sphere and a plane which does not pass through its center. See also PARALLEL OF ALTITUDE, PARALLEL OF DECLINATION, PARALLEL OF LATITUDE; AZIMUTH CIRCLE, BEARING CIRCLE, DIURNAL CIRCLE, EQUATOR, HOUR CIRCLE, PARASELENIC CIRCLES, POSITION CIRCLE, SPEED CIRCLE, VERTICAL CIRCLE. 2. A section of a plane, bounded by a curve all points of which are equidistant from a point within, called the center.


A radar phenomenon which may occur in the vicinity of an overhead power cable. The echo from the cable appears on the plan position indicator as a single echo, the echo being returned from that part of cable where the radar beam is at right angles to the cable. If this phenomenon is not recognized, the echo can be wrongly identified as the echo from a ship on a steady bearing. Evasive action results in the echo remaining on a constant bearing and moving to the same side of the channel as the ship altering course. This phenomenon is particularly apparent for the power cable spanning the Straits of Messina.


A 'Life' of individual rolling bearing is the number of revolutions (or hours at some given constant speed) which bearing runs before first evidence of fatigue develops in the material of either ring or washer or any of rolling elements.


A line connecting points of equal depth below the sounding datum. It may be called FATHOM CURVE or FATHOM LINE if depth is expressed in fathoms. Also called DEPTH CURVE, ISOBATH.

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