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The winds associated with a low pressure area and constituting part of a cyclone

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A warm wind in Spain, either a foehn or a hot southerly wind in advance of a low pressure area moving from the Sahara Desert.


A warm wind of the Mediterranean area, either a foehn or a hot southerly wind in advance of a low pressure area moving from the Sahara or Arabian deserts.


Tropical cyclone, tropical revolving storm. An area of intense low pressure which form over tropical waters, usually in the summer.


A small low pressure area accompanying a large or primary one. The secondary often grows at the expense of the primary, eventually replacing it.


  1. A neck of relative low pressure between two anticyclones. 2. A depression in the summit line of a mountain range. Also called PASS.


  1. A meteorological phenomena characterized by relatively low atmospheric pressure and winds which blow counterclockwise around the center in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. 2. The name by which a tropical storm having winds of 34 knots or greater is known in the South Indian Ocean.


The center of a tropical cyclone marked by relatively light winds, confused seas, rising temperature, lowered relative humidity, and often by clear skies. The general area of lowest atmospheric pressure of a cyclone is called STORM CENTER.


A device which converts low pressure fluid power into higher pressure fluid power.


A tube of small internal diameter used as a liquid refrigerant flow control and pressure reducer between high and low pressure sides. Also used to transmit pressure from the sensitive bulb of some temperature controls to the operating element.


Preset, on-off control manometer arrangement by which a specified low pressure (high vacuum) is maintained via the rise or submergence of a marginally buoyant float within a liquid mercury reservoir.

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