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A signal light exhibited by day and also, usually with reduced intensity by night. The reduction of intensity is made in order to avoid glare. Daylight signals may be used to indicate whether or not the entrance to a lock is free.

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  1. Of a relay, the maximum current, voltage, power, or such, at which it will release from its energized position. 2. A reduction in output signal level during reproduction of recorded data, sufficient to cause a processing error.


  1. The color and shape of a daymark or buoy or the color and period of a light used for identifying the aid. See also CHARACTERISTIC COLOR, CHARACTERISTIC PHASE. 2. The identifying signal transmitted by a radiobeacon. 3. That part of a logarithm (base 10) to the left of the decimal point. That part of a logarithm (base 10) to the right of the decimal point is called the MANTISSA. 4. A quality, attribute, or distinguishing property of anything


A luminous signal without perceptible length, as contrasted with a LINEAR LIGHT which has perceptible length.


A manned station providing a light usually of high intensity and reliability. It may also provide sound signal and radiobeacon services.


[ENG ACOUS] A sound recorder in which the audio signal voltage is applied to a coil suspended in a magnetic field; the resulting movements of the coil cause a tiny attached mirror to move a reflected light beam back and forth across a slit in front of a moving photographic film.


An attended light station or lightship emitting simultaneous radio and sound signals as a means of determining distance from the source of sound, by measuring the difference in the time of reception of the signals. The sound may be transmitted through either air or water or both and either from the same location as the radio signal or a location remote from it. Very few remain in use.


A circuit which has two or more input-signal ports and which delivers an output only if and when every input signal port is simultaneously energized. circuit; passive AND gate.


A prism that deviates a light beam by internal reflection.


The sequential number used to identify a navigational light in the light list. This may or may not be the same as the INTERNATIONAL NUMBER, which is an identifying number assigned by the International Hydrographic Organization. The international number is in italic type and is located under the light list number in the list.


  1. An announcement made aboard a naval warship to signal the crew to prepare for battle, imminent damage, or a damage emergency (such as a fire).
  2. Specific positions in a naval warship to which one or more crew are assigned when battle stations is called.

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