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Aperiodic, or without a period

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A stiff ship is one which have a short period of roll and therefore will roll uncomfortably


A tender ship is one which have a long period of roll but may list excessively in a strong wind and may be dangerous if a hold is flooded following a collision


A method of firing by which fuel and air are introduced and burned in a furnace for a short period after which flow is stopped, this succession occurring in a sequence of frequent cycles.


A period after the fuel valves close during which the burner motor or fan continues to run, to supply air to the combustion chamber.


A period on each start-up during which air is introduced into the combustion chamber and associated flue passages in volume and manner as to completely replace the air or fuel air-mixture contained therein prior to an attempt to initiate combustion.


That period of time during which the programming flame failure controls permit the burner fuel valves to be open before the flame sensing device is required to detect the flame.


A device incorporating corrosion-resistant wire meshes. It is used for preventing the inward passage of sparks (or, for a short period of time, the passage of flame), yet permitting the outward passage of gas.


Additive that prolongs the induction period of a base oil in the presence of oxidizing conditions and catalyst metals at elevated temperatures. The additive is consumed and degradation products increase not only with increasing and sustained temperature, but also with increases in mechanical agitation or turbulence and contamination: air, water, metallic particles, and dust.


Traditional royal navy term for a day or shorter period of rest and relaxation.


A stiff ship is one which have a short period of roll and therefore will roll uncomfortably

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