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A route for deep draft vessels within defined limits which has been accurately surveyed for clearance of sea bottom and submerged obstacles as indicated on the chart.

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The numbers which are placed on each side of a ship at the bow and stern from the lower edge of the number to the bottom of the keel


Air-agitated, solidliquid mixing vessel in which the air is injected into the bottom of a center draft tube; air and solids rise through the tube, with solids exiting the top of the tube and falling through the bulk of the liquid.


On the sea floor, a relatively narrow, deep depression with steep sides, the bottom of which generally has a continuous slope.


A deep bulge in the bottom of the shell or furnace of a boiler.


An area generally outside port limits that is specifically designated as suitable for the transshipment of oil or other materials from large ships to smaller ones. As the purpose of transshipment is usually to reduce the draft of the larger vessel to allow her to proceed to port, the operation is often known as lightening and the area may be called lightening area or cargo transfer area


  1. A line drawn on a chart to indicate the limits of safe navigation for a vessel of specific draft


A route within defined limits in which two-way traffic is established, aimed at providing safe passage of ships through waters where navigation is difficult or dangerous.


  1. The least depth in the approach or channel to an area, such as a port or anchorage, governing the maximum draft of vessels that can enter. 2. The least depth within the limits of a channel; it restricts the safe use of the channel to drafts of less than that depth. The centerline controlling depth of a channel applies only to the channel centerline; lesser depths may exist in the remainder of the channel. The mid-channel controlling depth of a channel is the controlling depth of only the middle half of the channel.


A mortise with a sloping edge from bottom to surface so that a tenon can be inserted when the outside clearance is A thread-cutting tool with many which restrains the blank from spreading during hob sinking.


A vessel restricted by its ability to maneuver by the nature of its work or its deep draft

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