Lean combustible by-product gas resulting from burning coke with a deficiency of air in a blast furnace.

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A burner in which a controlled burst of air or oxygen under pressure is supplied to the illuminating gas used. Also known as blast lamp.


A large, covered furnace or tank for melting large batches of glass, in which heat is supplied by a flame playing over the glass surface, and regenerative heating of combustion air and gas is usually employed. Also known as glass tank.


The upper and lower limits of percentage composition of a combustible gas mixed with other gases or air within which the mixture explodes when ignited.


Any combination of nitrogen and oxygen in a compound form. The most common in terms of environmental considerations is NO, which constitutes 90% of combustion NOx emissions, and NO2. All NO is eventually converted to NO2 in the atmosphere. Hence, most regulations are written to assume that the NOx which is emitted is in the form of NO2. Nox emissions are influenced by many factors, including furnace temperature, flame temperature, burner design, combustion air temperature, nitrogen content of liquid fuels, ammonia content of gas fuels, and other factors.


Any air that enters (infiltrates) the furnace through leaks. This air may be measured by the O2 analyzer and often contributes to the burning of the fuel.


Air for combustion supplied to the furnace to supplement the primary and secondary air.


The process of controlled burning to reduce combustible wastes to a non-combustible residue, carbon dioxide, and other gases.


  1. Cleaning materials by a blast of air that blows small abrasive particles against the surface. 2. The act of detonating an explosive.


The maintenance of a fixed value of draft in a furnace at all combustion rates by control of incoming air and outgoing products of combustion.


A device so arranged that an air flow to the furnace above a minimum must exist for a definite time interval before the interlocking system will permit an automatic ignition torch to be placed in operation.

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