Also called 'burner tile', 'muffler block', or 'quarl'. The specially formed refractory pieces which mount around the burner opening inside the furnace. The burner block forms the burner's airflow opening and helps stabilize the flame.

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A valve in which the force of compressed air against a diaphragm is opposed by the force of a spring to control the area of the opening for a fluid stream.


A variable-area flowmeter in which a tapered plug, located in an orifice and raised until the resulting opening is sufficient to handle the fluid flow, is used to measure the flow rate.


A small door in a furnace with a glass opening through which combustion may be observed.


An equipment container with a parachute which is capable of opening automatically after a delayed drop.


A cylindrical fishing tool having the open bottom end fitted with an inward opening valve.


1. An opening in a wall or ceiling with slanted or sloping slats to allow sunlight and ventilation and exclude rain; may be fixed or adjustable, and may be at the opening of a ventilating duct. Also known as outlet ventilator. 2. Any arrangement of fixed or adjustable slatlike openings to provide ventilation.


A device to apportion the output of granulated or powdered solids at a constant rate from a feed hopper; weight-measured decrease in hopper content actuates further opening of the discharge chute to compensate for flow loss as the hopper overburden decreases; used in the chemical, fertilizer, and plastics industries.


1. The depth of liquid above an opening from which gas or vapor issues, as for a riser in a distillation-column tray. 2. Product drawoff in which a depth of liquid prevents the outflow of gas or vapor.


An opening cut into a strengthening member that decreases its weight without significantly altering its strength.


In masonry work, a rectangular brick having one corner cut diagonally to half the end of the brick and used to fill an opening in a course larger than half a brick. Also known as beveled closer.

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