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Also called 'burner tile', 'muffler block', or 'quarl'. The specially formed refractory pieces which mount around the burner opening inside the furnace. The burner block forms the burner's airflow opening and helps stabilize the flame.

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An opening for supplying seawater to condensers, pumps, etc. located in the hull below the waterline and having means for the attachment of the associated piping


A small channel or opening in a filter medium which allows passage of fluid.


1. A small depression of the sea floor. 2. An opening through a piece of sea ice, or an open space between ice cakes. 3. A small bay, particularly in New England


A device used to inject a solution into a closed system through an opening such as a drain valve.


Ground fault (circuit) interrupter - a device that senses ground faults and reacts by opening the circuit.


In multi-valve turbine inlets, partial arc ad mission allows the steam to enter per valve opening in a sequential manner, so as load is increased, more valves open to admit steam. This can cause uneven heating on the high-pressure annulus as the valves are individually opened with load increase.


A strong shutter fitted over a porthole or other opening that can be closed in bad weather.


The opening in the side of the ship or in a turret through which the gun fires or protrudes.


A tool for opening the strands of a rope while splicing.


An opening in the deck from which the boat is handled.
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