The ability to reproduce modulating waves at various audio frequencies without serious distortion

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When the peak of a wave is amidships, causing the hull to bend so the ends of the keel are lower than the middle. The opposite of sagging. Also refers to a permanent distortion of the hull in the same manner caused, over time, by the bow and stern of a ship being less buoyant than the midships section. During the Age of Sail, shipwrights employed a number of different designs of braces to stiffen ships' hulls against this warping.


Distortion occurring in an amplifier or other device when the output amplitude is not a linear function of the input amplitude.


Distortion in a map projection because of non-con- formity


An azimuth or bearing distortion on a radar display caused by the width of the radar beam. See also BEAM WIDTH, PULSE LENGTH ERROR.


Capable of being flattened without distortion


The property of a material which permits no permanent distortion before breaking. cast iron, which breaks easily, is an example of brittle metal.


A local distortion or swelling outward caused by internal pressure on a tube wall or boiler shell due to overheating. Also applied to similar distortion of a cylindrical furnace due to external pressure when overheated, provided the distortion is of a degree that can be driven back.


A lune-shaped map which may be fitted to the surface of a globe with a negligible amount of distortion


A range distortion of a radar return caused by the duration of the pulse.


The distortion of the radar return on the radarscope caused by the diameter of the electron beam which displays the returns on the scope and the lateral radiation across the scope of part of the glow produced when the electron beam strikes the phosphorescent coating of the cathode-ray tube.

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