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1. A hillock of broken ice which has been forced upwards by pressure. It may be fresh or weathered. The submerged volume of broken ice under the hummocks, forced downwards by pressure, is calle

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The volume which a piston in a cylinder displaces in a single stroke, equal to the distance the piston travels times the internal cross section of the cylinder.


Abbreviated pt. 1. A unit of volume, used in the United States for measurement of liquid substances, equal to 1/8 U.S. gallon, or 231/8 cubic inches, or 4.73176473 10 4 cubic meter. Also known as liquid pint (liq pt). 2. A unit of volume used in the United States for measurement of solid substances, equal to 1/64 U.S. bushel, or 107,521/3200 cubic inches, or approximately 5.50610 10 4 cubic meter. Also known as dry pint (dry pt). 3. A unit of volume, used in the United Kingdom for measurement of liquid and solid substances, although usually the former, equal to 1/8 imperial gallon, or 5.6826125 10 4 cubic meter. Also known as imperial pint.


1. An instrument for measuring fluid pressure, such as a gage attached to a pipe containing a gas or liquid. 2. An instrument for measuring the compressibility of materials, such as a vessel that determines the change in volume of a substance in response to hydrostatic pressure.


The number of components per unit volume in a working system or subsystem.


Analternating-currentvoltmeter connected to the output of a receiver or amplifier to measure output signal strength in volume units or decibels.


An instrument which measures the number of condensation nuclei or ice nuclei per sample volume of air.


The maximummechanical energy stored per unit volume of ma-terial when it is stressed to its elastic limit.


A unit of volume used in saccharimetry, equal to the volume of 1 gram of water at a specified temperature, usually 17.5 C, in which case, it is equal to 1.00238 cubic centimeters.


A unit of volume in the apothecaries' measure; equals 1/60 fluidram (approximately 0.061612 cubic centimeter) or about 1 drop (of water). Abbreviated min.


A unit of volume equal to 10 3 liter or 10 6 cubic meter. Abbreviated ml. Also known as mil.

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