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A map showing land or submarine bottom relief in terms of height above, or below, a datum by any method, such as contours, hachures, shading, or hypsometric tinting. Also called HYPSOMETRIC MAP, RELIEF MAP.

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A vertical tubular member connected at its top and bottom to the steam and water space respectively to a boiler, to which the water gage, gage valves, high and low water alarms and fuel cutoff may be connected.


A pipe leading to the bottom of an oil or water tank, for guiding a sounding tape or jointed rod when measuring the depth of liquid in the tank.
Sounding pipes in the engine room are normally fitted with deadweight cocks and screw caps. Caps and cocks should be closed at all times, except when sounding tanks.


A window having a section which is pivoted near the center so that the top of the section swings in and the bottom swings out.


A device for obtaining ocean bottom cores up to about 4 feet (1.2 meters) in length; consists of an upper tube, main body weight, and tailfin assembly with a check valve that prevents the flow of water into the upper section and a consequent washing out of the core sample while hoisting the corer.


A bottom sampler consisting of two hinged semicylindrical buckets held apart by a cocking device which is released when the grab hits the ocean floor.


A truss characterized by subdivided panels, curved top chords on through trusses, and curved bottom chords on deck spans; used on long bridge spans.


An auger having one spiral web, 12 to 15 inches (30 to 38 centimeters) in diameter, attached to the bottom end of a slender central shaft; used as removable deadman to which a drill rig or guy line is anchored.


Air-agitated, solidliquid mixing vessel in which the air is injected into the bottom of a center draft tube; air and solids rise through the tube, with solids exiting the top of the tube and falling through the bulk of the liquid.


Hydrostatic lubrication of a journal bearing by using oil at high pressure in the area between the bottom of the journal and the bearing itself so that the shaft is raised and supported by an oil film whether it is rotating or not.


A cylindrical fishing tool having the open bottom end fitted with an inward opening valve.

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