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Condition in which either course or speed changes or both are required on the part of both ships if the ships are to avoid collision

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An enclosed space in which a plenum condition exists; air is forced into it for slow distribution through ducts.


A condition resulting from vulcanizing longer than necessary to achieve full development of physical strength; causes softness or brittleness and impaired ageresisting quality of the material.


1. A condition existing when the drive rod of the drill swivel head is not centered and parallel with the borehole being drilled. 2. A borehole that has deviated from its intended course. 3. A condition existing wherein any linear excavation (shaft, drift, borehole) deviates from a previously determined or intended survey line or course. 4. State in which an equipment or subsystem is in standby, maintenance, or mode of operation other than online.


1. An instrument used to measure continuously or at intervals a condition that must be kept within prescribed limits, such as radioactivity at some point in a nuclear reactor, a variable quantity in an automatic process control system, the transmissions in a communication channel or bank, or the position of an aircraft in flight. 2. To use meters or special techniques to measure such a condition. 3. A person who watches a monitor.


The condition beyond which a structure or a structural member is deemed unsafe due to one or more loads or load effects.


The condition in which two or more systems are at the same temperature, so that no heat flows between them.


Energy transformation process in which the resultant condition lacks the driving potential needed to reverse the process; the measure of this loss is expressed by the entropy increase of the system.


Condition in which a device operates normally for a time, then becomes defective for a time.


The condition in which there are equal compressive stresses or equal tensile stresses in all directions, and no shearstressesonanyplane.


A condition in which 'free' or dissolved oxygen is not present in the water.

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