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Interpolation in which changes of tabulated values are assumed to be proportional to changes in entering arguments.

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A Moll thermopile modified so that both sides are sensitive to radiation and the resulting electromotive force is proportional to the difference in intensities of radiation incident on the two sides; used to measure the difference in intensity between radiation entering and leaving the earth's surface. net ton See ton.


A type of positive displacement meter for gas flows consisting of a cylindrical chamber that is more than half filled with water and divided into four rotating compartments formed by trailing vanes; gas entering through the center shaft into one compartment after another forces rotation that allows the gas then to exhaust out the top as it is displaced by the water. Also known as drum meter.


A sunshine recorder in which the time scale is supplied by the motion of the sun; it consists of two opaque metal semicylinders mounted with their curved surfaces facing each other; each of the semicylinders has a short narrow slit in its flat side; sunlight entering one of the slits falls on light-sensitive paper (blueprint paper) which lines the curved side of the semicylinder.


Any technique for collecting airborne particulate matter in which the collector is so designed that the airstream entering it has a velocity equal to that of the air passing around and outside the collector.


The fluid entering a component.


A filter intended to prevent only large particles from entering a component immediately downstream. Also known as Grit control filter, Last-chance filter


The process of determining intermediate values between given values in accordance with some known or assumed rate or system of change. Linear interpolation assumes that changes of tabulated values are proportional to changes in entering argu- ments. Interpolation is designated as single, double, or triple if there are one, two, or three arguments or variables respectively.


An instrument with the optics so arranged that the light rays entering the objective of the lens meet at the crosshairs and appear inverted when viewed through the eyepiece without altering the orientation of the image. See also ERECTING TELE- SCOPE.


One of the values used for entering a table or diagram.


A designated area for discharging solid ballast before entering harbor

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