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To identify and begin to continuously track a target in one or more coordinates (e.g., range, bearing, elevation).

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Distance to a target that is so short that the trajectory of a bullet or projectile is practically a straight, rather than a curved, line.


1. Controlling the frequency of an oscillator by means of an applied signal of constant frequency. 2. Automatic following of a target by a radar antenna.


A transit in which a laser is mounted over the sighting telescope to project a clearly visible narrow beam onto a small target at the survey site.


Determination of the range and direction of a target by echoed coherent light.


[ENG ACOUS] The sawtooth frequency-modulated signal which is added to the first detector circuit for mixing with the incoming target signal.


A guidance system in which a missile directs itself to a target by means of a self-contained mechanism that reacts to a particular characteristic of the target.


An instrument for measuring the total solar energy from the sun and sky striking a horizontal surface, in which a thermopile measures the temperature difference between white and black portions of a thermally insulated horizontal target within a partially evacuated transparent sphere or hemisphere.


The use of infrared thermography whereby temperatures of a wide variety of targets can be measured remotely and without contact. This is accomplished by measuring the infrared energy radiating from the surface of the target and converting this measurement to an equivalent surface temperature.


A particulate wear process where high velocity, fluid- entrained particles are directed at target surfaces.


A radar echo which is caused by the electromagnetic energy being transmitted to the target by an indirect path and returned as an echo along the same path. An indirect echo may appear on the radar display when the main lobe of the radar beam is reflected off part of the structure of the ship (the stack for example) from which it is reflected to the target. Returning to own ship by the same indirect path, the echo appears on the PPI at the bearing of the reflecting surface. Assuming that the additional distance by the indirect path is negligible, the indirect echo appears on the PPI at the same range as the direct echo received. Also called FALSE ECHO.

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