A northwesterly wind with fine weather which blows, especially in summer, in the Adriatic. It is most frequent on the western shore. This wind is also found on the coasts of Corsica and Sardinia.

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A northeasterly or northerly wind occurring in winter off the west coast of Italy. It is a fresh wind of the fine weather mistral type.


The tendency of a sailboat to turn to leeward in a strong wind when there is no change in the rudder's position. This is the opposite of weather helm and is the result of a dynamically unbalanced condition.


An unusual, frequently severe weather condition characterized by strong winds and dust-filled air over an extensive area. Prerequisite to a dust storm is a period of drought over an area of normally arable land, thus providing very fine particles of dust which distinguish it from the much more common SANDSTORM.


A strong easterly wind of the Mediterranean, especially in the Strait of Gibraltar, attended by cloudy, foggy, and sometimes rainy weather especially in winter


  1. The state of the atmosphere as defined by various meteorological elements, such as temperature, pressure, wind speed and direction, humidity, cloudiness, precipitation, etc. This is in contrast with CLIMATE, the prevalent or characteristic meteorological conditions of a place or region. 2. Bad weather.


Serving a watch on the weather side of the ship, exposed to wind and spray.


A persistent east wind of the Adriatic, usually accompanied by cloudy weather


A severe weather condition characterized by low temperatures and by strong winds bearing a great amount of snow (mostly fine, dry snow picked up from the ground). The National Weather Service specifies the following conditions for a blizzard: a wind of 32 miles per hour or higher, low temperatures, and sufficient snow in the air to reduce visibility to less than 500 feet; for a severe blizzard, it specifies wind speeds exceeding 4


Wind speeds and directions at various levels beyond the domain of surface weather observations.


A sudden, strong gust of wind coming up without warning, noted by whitecaps or white, broken water; usually seen in whirlwind form in clear weather in the tropics.

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