The act or process by which material becomes magnetized when placed in a magnetic field.

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The process of neutralizing undesired magnetic effects on a magnetic compass. Permanent magnets and soft iron correctors are arranged about the binnacle so that their effects are about equal and opposite to the magnetic material in the craft, thus reducing the deviations and eliminating the sectors of sluggishness and unsteadiness


  1. The evolution of gas in the form of small bubbles in a storage battery when charging continues after the battery has been completely charged. 2. Absorption of gas by a material. 3. Formation of gas pockets in a material. 4. Evolution of gas from a material during a process or procedure.


A bar of soft unmagnetized iron placed vertically near a magnetic compass to counteract deviation caused by magnetic induction in vertical soft iron of the craft


Removing wax from a material or object; a process used to separate solid hydrocarbons from petroleum.


The porous material that performs the actual process of filtration.


The assimilation of one material into another; in petroleum refining, the use of an absorptive liquid to selectively remove components from a process stream.


  1. The quantity of material required for or produced by one operation. 2. An amount of material subjected to some unit chemical process or physical mixing process to make the final product substantially uniform.


A device in which a charge is heated directly by induction, with no magnetic core material linking the charge. Also known as coreless-type induction furnace.


Process of covering one material with another and bonding them together under high pressure and temperature. Also known as bonding.


  1. The process of extracting information from an electro- magnetic wave. 2. In the use of radar, the recognition of the presence of a target.

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