The act or process by which material becomes magnetized when placed in a magnetic field.

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The process of neutralizing undesired magnetic effects on a magnetic compass. Permanent magnets and soft iron correctors are arranged about the binnacle so that their effects are about equal and opposite to the magnetic material in the craft, thus reducing the deviations and eliminating the sectors of sluggishness and unsteadiness


In electrical equipment, a material designed to conduct magnetic flux easily but offer high resistance to current. In a nuclear reactor, the area in which nuclear fission takes place and heat is produced.


Phenomenon exhibited by some solids in which the deformation of the solid depends not only on the stress applied to the solid but also on the previous history of this stress; analogous to magnetic hysteresis, with magnetic field strength and magnetic induction replaced by stress and strain respectively.


Process of covering one material with another and bonding them together under high pressure and temperature. Also known as bonding.


The ratio of the strength of the magnetic field at a compass to the strength if there were no disturbing material nearby; usually expressed as a decimal. Because of the metal of a vessel, the strength of the earth’s magnetic field is reduced somewhat at a compass location aboard ship. The shielding factor is one minus the percentage of reduction.


The process of applying corrections, particularly the process of converting compass to magnetic direction, or compass, magnetic, or gyro to true direction.


An absorption process by which one solid material adheres strongly to another, sometimes occurring by co precipitation.


  1. The process of extracting information from an electro- magnetic wave. 2. In the use of radar, the recognition of the presence of a target.


Removing wax from a material or object; a process used to separate solid hydrocarbons from petroleum.


Liquid held by a tank or process vessel, with constant introduction of fresh material and counteracting withdrawal of held material to maintain a constant liquid level.

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