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1. The act, process, or art of measuring. 2. That branch of mathematics dealing with determination of length, area, or volume.

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A branch of terminal ballistics concerned with the motion and behavior of a missile during and after penetrating a target.


1. The branch of electronics that deals with solid-state and other electronic devices for generating, modulating, transmitting, and sensing electromagnetic radiation in the ultraviolet, visible-light, and infrared portions of the spectrum. 2. See photonics.


The branch of chemical engineering that deals with the production and use of radioisotopes.


Branch of engineering dealing with the form and functions of urban areas.


A branch of rheology in which the heterogeneous nature of dispersed systems is taken into account.


1. A size of screen or of particles passed by it in terms of the number of openings occurring per linear inch in each direction. Also known as mesh size. 2. A set of branches forming a closed path in a network so that if any one branch is omitted from the set, the remaining branches of the set do not form a closed path. Also known as loop. 3. Engagement or working contact of teeth of gears or of a gear and a rack.


A branch of engineering that incorporates the ideas of mechanical and electronic engineering into a whole, and, in particular, covers those areas of engineering concerned with the increasing integration of mechanical, electronic, and software engineering into a production process.


The branch of engineering concerned with energy conversion, mechanics, and mechanisms and devices for diverse applications, ranging form automotive parts through nanomachines.


A branch of rheology in which materials are treated as homogeneous or quasi-homogeneous, and processes are treated as isothermal.


1. The transmittance between the source and sink created by the splitting of a specified node in a signal flow graph. 2. The transmittance between the source and sink created by the splitting of a node which has been inserted in a specified branch of a signal flow graph in such a way that the transmittance of the branch is unchanged.

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