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A movable drilling platform used in offshore oil exploration and production. It is kept stationary by vertically movable legs or by mooring with several anchors. After drilling for oil it may be replaced by a production platform or a submerged structure.

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A pipe leading to the bottom of an oil or water tank, for guiding a sounding tape or jointed rod when measuring the depth of liquid in the tank.
Sounding pipes in the engine room are normally fitted with deadweight cocks and screw caps. Caps and cocks should be closed at all times, except when sounding tanks.


A noncatalytic, petroleum-refinery process charging C3 and C4 gases with naphtha or gas oil at high temperature to produce high-quality gasoline and fuel oil; mostly replaced by catalytic reforming; the prodTesting and Materials analysis of paraffins (P), olefins (O), naphthenes (N), and aromatics (A) in gasolines.


A petroleum-refinery still in which heat is applied to the oil while it is being pumped through a coil or pipe arranged in a firebox, the oil then running to a fractionator with continuous removal of overhead vapor and liquid bottoms.


A filter press used during petroleum refining for the separation of paraffin oil and crystallizable paraffin wax from distillates.


A valve used to mix gasoline with engine oil to permit easier starting of the gasoline engine in cold weather.


A small radiator used to cool the oil that lubricates an automotive engine.


1. A device for preventing the entry or return of oil from a chamber. 2. A device using oil as the sealing medium to prevent the passage of fluid from one chamber to another.


1. A process in which oil is passed through a filter as it comes from equipment and then returned for reuse, in the same manner that crank case oil is cleaned by an engine filter. 2. A method in which solids are removed from oil by treatment in settling tanks.


[MECHENG] A pump of the gear,vane, or plunger type, usually an integral part of the automotive engine; it lifts oil from the sump to the upper level in the splash and circulating systems, and in forced-feed lubrication it pumps the oil to the tubes leading to the bearings and other parts.


A twist drill containing holes through which oil can be fed to the cutting edges.

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