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A general term applied to mixtures of sediments in water. Where the grains are less than 0.002 millimeter in diameter, the mixture is called clay. Where the grains are between 0.002 and 0.0625 milli- meter in diameter, the mixture is called silt.

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The lowest temperature at which a liquid gives off sufficient vapor to form a flammable mixture with air near the surface of the liquid. The flashpoint temperature is determined by laboratory testing in a prescribed apparatus.

Establishes the danger point when transferring, pumping, and firing procedures are concerned.


A missile dropped from aircraft; it contains a photoflash mixture and a means for ignition at a distance above the ground, to produce a brilliant light of short photoelectric effect See photoelectricity.


Liquid-fuel device using a mixture of oxygen and vaporized or ozonizer See ozone generator.


The code identifying the components in a fertilizer mixture: nitrogen (N), phosphorus pentoxide (P), and potassium oxide (K). Fertilizers are graded in the order N-P-K, with the numbers indicating the percentage of the total weight of each component. For example, 5-10-10 represents a mixture containing by weight 5% nitrogen, 10% phosphorus pentoxide, and 10% potassium oxide. and a detector downstream measures the amount of decay of the resonance, thereby sensing fluid velocity.


1. A charge of gunpowder put in a paper several inches long and used for igniting explosives. 2. A short flammable piece of wood, paper, or other material tipped with a combustible mixture that bursts into flame through friction.


A phenomenon in which a temperature gradient in a mixture of substances gives rise to a concentration gradient.


To extract a soluble component from a solid mixture by washing or percolation processes.


The removal of a soluble component from a liquid mixture by contact with a second liquid, immiscible with the carrier liquid in which the component is preferentially soluble.


A measurement of the total cost of using equipment over the entire time of service of the equipment; includes initial, opbreathing mixture supply system, air purification and filtering system, or carbon dioxide removal system; used in oceanographic submersibles and spacecraft.


[ENG ACOUS] A dynamic timbrechanging effect created by rotating one or more directional speakers inside a cabinet such that a mixture of Doppler-shifted reflections is generated in the output of an electronic instrument.

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