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Radar echoes which may occur when a strong echo is received from another ship at close range. A second or third or more echoes may be observed on the radarscope at double triple, or other multiples of the actual range of the radar target, resulting from the echo’s being reflected by own ship back to the target and received once again as an echo at a multiple of the preceding range to the target. This term should not be confused with MULTIPLE-TRACE ECHO.

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1. The support for a column. 2. A metal support carrying one end of a bridge truss or girder and transmitting any load to the top of a pier or abutment. 3. See blanking level. 4. A supporting part or the base of an upright structure, such as a radar antenna.


System for transmitting and automatically recording radar data from an indicator to a remote point.


Nonscanning radar which transmits signals over a wide beam in the direction of interest.


Radar located in one sector whose area of useful radar coverage includes a portion of another sector.


A mechanical or electrical device used to move a radar beam in a circular, conical, spiral, or other manner periodically to obtain greater air surveillance than could be obtained with a stationary beam.


1. Rectangular depression extending below the sweep line of the radar indicator in some types of equipment. 2. A Vshaped indentation or cut in a surface or edge.


Radar in which successive antenna lobes are sequentially engaged to provide a tracking capability without physical movement of the antenna.


Radar in which directional information is obtained with high precision by using a receiving antenna system having two or more partially overlapping lobes in the radiation patterns.


Phased array radar located at a missile launch area to provide a guidance link with interceptor missiles enroute to their targets.


High-power, long-range radar with a number of indicators, giving high resolution, and with a large traffichandling capacity; used for early warning of missiles.

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