Old ice up to 3 meters or more thick which has survived at least two summer’s melt. Hummocks are even smoother than in second-year ice. The ice is almost salt-free. The color, where bare, is usually blue. The melt pattern consists of large interconnecting irregular puddles and a well-developed drainage system.

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Sea ice which has survived at least one summer’s melt. Most topographic features are smoother than on first-year ice. Old ice may be subdivided into SECOND-YEAR ICE and MULTI YEAR ICE.


Old ice which has survived only one summer’s melt. Because it is thicker and less dense than first-year ice, it stands higher out of the water. In contrast to multi-year ice, summer melting produces a regular pattern of numerous small puddles. Bare patches and puddles are usually greenish-blue.


Very old ice trapped in fjords. Sikussak resembles glacier ice, since it is formed partly from snow.


A pattern formed by two or more families of intersecting hyperbolas


A pattern formed by two or more families of intersecting lines, such as that pattern formed by two or more families of hyperbolas representing, for example, curves of equal time difference associated with a hyperbolic radionavigation system. Sometimes the term pattern is used to indicate curves of equal time difference, with the term lattice being used to indicate its representation on the chart. See also PATTERN, definition.


The portion of the overall radiation pattern of a directional antenna which is contained within a region bounded by adjacent minima. The main beam is the beam in the lobe containing the direction of maximum radiation (main lobe) lying within specified values of field strength relative to the maximum field strength.


An area of sky with a formation of rounded and isolated cirrocumulus or altocumulus resembling the pattern of scales on the back of a mackerel.


A topographic feature, such as sand, swamp, vegetation, etc., which extends over an area. It is represented on the published map or chart by a solid or screened color, by a prepared pattern of symbols, or by a delimiting line


The lobe of the radiation pattern of a directional antenna which makes an angle of approximatel


1. The position or disposition of various parts, or the figure or pattern so formed. 2. A geometric figure, usually consist- ing principally of points and connecting lines.

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