A diagram on which compass deviation is plotted for various headings, and the points connected by a smooth curve, permitting deviation problems to be solved quickly without interpolation. It consists of a vertical line, usually in two parts, each part being graduated for 180° of heading, and two additional sets of lines at an angle of 60° to each other and to the vertical lines.

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The divergence of the air stream in a horizontal or vertical plane after it leaves the outlet.


The error in the reading of the gyrocompass, expressed in degrees east or west to indicate the direction in which the axis of the compass is offset from true north.


Any real function that satisfies a certain equation. In its simplest form, as used in tide and tidal current predictions, it is a quantity that varies as the cosine of an angle that increases uniformly with time


Angular distance west of the Greenwich celestial meridian; the arc of the celestial equator, or the angle at the celestial pole, between the upper branch of the Greenwich celestial meridian and the hour circle of a point on the celestial sphere, measured westward from the Greenwich celestial meridian throug


A line making the same oblique angle with all grid meridians. Grid parallels and meridians may be considered special cases of the grid rhumb line.


The process of adjusting magnetic compass correctors so as to remove half of the deviation on the opposite cardinal or adjacent intercardinal headings to those on which adjustment was originally made when all deviation was removed. This is done to equalize the error on opposite headings.


Angular difference in direction between grid north and magnetic north. It is measured east or west from grid north. Grid magnetic angle is sometimes called GRID VARIATION or GRIVATION.


A compass having one or more gyroscopes as the directive element, and which is northseeking. Its operation depends upon four natural phenomena, namely gyroscopic inertia, gyroscopic precession, the earth's rotation, and gravity. When such a compass controls remote indicators, called GYRO REPEATERS, it is called a master gyrocompass.


The horizontal rotation of the spin axis of a gyroscope about the vertical axis


The oscillatory vertical rise and fall, due to the entire hull being lifted by the force of the sea. Also called HEAVING

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