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Affording passage to a craft; capable of being navigated.

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A numbered value assigned to molding materials indicating the relative ease of passage of gases through them.


1. A device for preventing the entry or return of oil from a chamber. 2. A device using oil as the sealing medium to prevent the passage of fluid from one chamber to another.


A bridge in which either the horizontal or vertical alignment can be readily changed to permit the passage of traffic beneath it. Often called drawbridge (an anachronism).


A device consisting of a long metallic pin of graduated diameters fitted to the main nozzle of a carburetor (on an internal combustion engine) or passage leading thereto in such a way that it measures or meters the amount of gasoline permitted to flow by it at various speeds. Also known as metering pin.


1. An opening in a lock for passage of a flat metal key. 2. The pocket in the driven element to provide a driving surface for the key. 3. A groove or channel for a key in any mechanical part. Also known as key seat.


1. An entrance for air, water, fuel, or other fluid, or the amount of such fluid taken in. 2. A main passage for air in a mine.


A type of detonator that does not have a delay period between the passage of the electric current through the detonator and its explosion.


A drill rod or stem having an axial hole for the passage of water or compressed air to remove cuttings from a drill hole. Also known as hollow rod; hollow stem.


A chamber capable of being hermetically sealed that provides for passage between two places of different pressure, such as between an altitude chamber and the outside.
On gas carriers used to maintain the pressure difference between the explosion-proof area and the cargo deck.


A narrow passage or contracted strait connecting two bodies of water

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