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An arrangement of eight corner common faces designed to give substantially uniform response in all directions. The octahedral cluster is formed by mounting three rectangular plates mutually at right angles with the geometric centers of the plates coincident.

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Arrangement in which two or more liquids are pumped through an orifice constriction to cause turbulence and consequent mixing action.


Arrangement of the interior of a building without distinct barriers such as partitions.


A linking arrangement between a camera lens and the flashbulb unit to allow a 15-millisecond delay of the shutter so that the bulb burns to its brightest point before the shutter opens.


A system with alternating or combined arrangement of mixers and settlers; used for chemicals extraction, lubricating-oil refining, and uranium oxide recovery. Also known as mixer-settler extractor.


1. An opening in a wall or ceiling with slanted or sloping slats to allow sunlight and ventilation and exclude rain; may be fixed or adjustable, and may be at the opening of a ventilating duct. Also known as outlet ventilator. 2. Any arrangement of fixed or adjustable slatlike openings to provide ventilation.


A diode matrix or other switching arrangement that is capable of directing an input signal to one of several outputs.


A set of keys or control levers having a systematic arrangement and used to operate a machine or other piece of equipment such as a typewriter, typesetter, processing unit of a computer, or piano.


The arrangement of tasks over a work shift with the goal of achieving technological and organizational requirements as well as reducing sources of fatigue and human error. Also known as work design.


[SYS ENG] The arrangement of components in a system so that they function together in an efficient and logical way.


A monocable arrangement in which the track cable has a slope sufficiently steep to allow the carrier to run down under its own weight.

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