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A soft, slimy, organic sediment covering part of the ocean bottom, composed principally of shells or other hard parts of minute organ- isms.

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A surface blasting method used when no rock drill is necessary or one is not available; consists of placing a charge of gelignite, primed with safety fuse and detonator, in close contact with the rock or boulder and covering it completely with stiff damp clay.


1. A frame used in front of a television picture tube to conceal the rounded edges of the screen. 2. A thin sheet of metal or other material containing an open pattern, used to shield selected portions of a semiconductor or other surface during a deposition process. 3. A protective covering for the face or head in the form of a wire screen, a metal shield, or a respirator.


An idler roll protected by a covering of a resilient material from the shock of the loading of material onto a conveyor belt, so as to reduce the damage to the belt.


A globe-shaped head covering made of copper and supplied with air pumped through a hose; attached to the breastplate of a diving suit for deep-sea diving.


Is a liquid put on the field and armature windings, to improve the insulation of the cotton covering on the wires.


A concentration of sea ice covering an area of hundreds of kilometers, which is found in the same region every summer


A scale involving a relatively small reduction in size. A large-scale chart is one covering a small area. The opposite is SMALL SCALE.


The lowest deck of a ship of the line. The deck covering in the hold.


A soft covering for cables (or any other obstructions) that prevents sail chafing.


The obliteration of contrast between surface features in the Antarctic when a covering of snow obscuring all landmarks is accompanied by an overcast sky, resulting in an absence of shadows and an unrelieved expanse of white, the earth and sky blending so that the horizon is not distinguishable. A similar occurrence in the Arctic is called ARCTIC WHITEOUT.

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