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That orbital point nearest the sun when the sun is the center of attraction. That point farthest from the sun is called APHELION.

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The line connecting the two points of an orbit that are nearest and farthest from the center of attraction, such as the perigee and apogee of the moon or the perihelion and aphelion of a planet. Also called APSE LINE.


Either of the two orbital points nearest or farthest from the center of attraction, the perihelion and aphelion in the case of an orbit about the sun, and the perigee and apogee in the case of an orbit about the earth. The line connecting these two points is called LINE OF APSIDES.


The period of one revolution of the earth around the sun, from perihelion to perihelion, averaging 365 days, 6 hours, 13 minutes, 53.0 seconds in 1900, and increasing at the rate of 0.26 second per century.


Pertaining to the periodic return of the moon to its perigee, or of the earth to its perihelion


A fictitious sun conceived to move eastward along the ecliptic at the average rate of the apparent sun. The dynamical mean sun and the apparent sun occupy the same position when the earth is at perihelion in January.

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