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Floating, drifting, or feebly swimming plant and animal organisms of the sea. These are usually microscopic or very small, although jellyfish are included.

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1. To substitute machinery for human or animal labor. 2. To produce or reproduce by machine.


Additive that promotes the formation of a stable mixture, or emulsion, of oil and water. Common emulsifiers are: metallic soaps, certain animal and vegetable oils, and various polar compounds.


A greasy, unctuous liquid of vegetable, animal, mineral or synthetic origin. Hydrocarbons in the liquid state at the prevailing temperature and pressure conditions called.


A very small marine animal of the foraminifera order, with a chambered shell; or the shell of such an animal. In large areas of the ocean the calcareous shells of these animals are very numerous, being the principal constituent of a soft mud or globigerina ooze forming the ocean bed.


A small marine animal with or without a shell and having two thin, winglike feet. These animals are often so numerous they may cover the surface of the sea for miles. In some areas, their shells cover the bottom.


A minute sea animal with a siliceous outer shell. The skeletons of such animals are very numerous, covering the ocean bottom in certain areas, principally in the tropics.


A flat coastal area flooded by most high tides, characterized by various species of marsh grasses and animal life.


Lubricants of animal or plant origin.


Animal and plant health inspection service.


Animal and plant health inspection service.

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