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A drawing consisting of lines and points representing certain conditions graphically, as the progress of a craft.

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A plot of the poles and zeros of a transfer function in the complex plane; used to study the stability of a system, its natural motion, its frequency response, and its transient response.


An instrument which makes a plot of pressure in the cylinder of an engine as a function of piston (or volume) displacement, making use of magnification by optical systems and photographic recording; for example, the small motion of a pressure diaphragm may be transmitted to a mirror to deflect a beam of light.


A plot in the complex plane of the open-loop transfer function as the complex frequency is varied along the Nyquist contour; used to determine stability of a control system.


For a harmonic oscillator subject to hysteretic damping and subjected to a sinusoidally varying force, a plot of the in-phase and quadrature components of the displacement of the oscillator as the frequency of the applied vibration is varied.


Use of a rectangular or Ponchon-type diagram to plot the solvent content of liquid-liquid equilibrium phases; used for solvent-extraction design calculations.


A radarscope phenomenon which appears as a constriction or expansion of the display near the center of the plan position indicator, which can be caused by a nonlinear time base or the sweep plot starting on the radar indicator at the same instant as the transmission of the pulse. The phenomenon is most apparent when in narrow rivers or close to shore.


The Willians line is a plot of throttle flow versus the load, usually expressed in kilowatts; generally it is a straight line except for low and high loads. The Willians line is used to show steam rates at different loads on the turbine.


A series of soundings obtained by a vessel underway, usually at regular intervals. In piloting, this information may be used to determine an estimated position, by recording the soundings at appropriate intervals (to the scale of the chart) along a line drawn on transparent paper or plastic, to represent the track, and then fitting the plot to the chart, by trial and error. A vessel obtaining soundings along a course line, for use in making or improving a chart, is said to run a line of soundings.


Operated by the U.S. Coast Guard, the Amver System is a maritime mutual-assistance program that aids coordination of search and rescue efforts by maintaining a worldwide computerized DR plot of participating vessels.


A graphic plot of the movements of a craft. A dead reckoning plot is the graphic plot of the dead reckoning, suitably labeled with respect to time, direction, and speed; a geographical plot is one relative to the surface of the earth.

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