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An orthographic map projection having the plane of the projection perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the earth, in this projection, the geographic parallels are full circles, true to scale, and the geographic meridians are straight lines.

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  1. The ratio of radiated sound intensity at a remote point on the principal axis of a loudspeaker or other transducer, to the average intensity of the sound transmitted through a sphere passing through the remote point and concentric with the transducer; the frequency must be stated.
  2. The ratio of the square of the voltage produced by sound waves arriving parallel to the principal axis of a microphone or other receiving transducer, to the mean square of the voltage that would be produced if sound waves having the same frequency and mean-square pressure were arriving simultaneously from all directions with random phase; the frequency must be stated.


An ammeter of only moderate accuracy in which the current to be measured passes through a small coil, distorting the field of a circular permanent magnet, and an iron vane aligns itself with the axis of the distorted field, the deflection being roughly proportional to the current.


The plane determined by the tangent to the trajectory of a projectile in flight and the axis of the projectile.


A lateral axis through an aircraft, missile, or similar body, about which the body pitches. Also known as pitching axis.


The attitude of an aircraft, rocket, or other flying vehicle, referred to the relationship between the longitudinal body axis and a chosen reference line or plane as seen from the side.


A tool designed to grip and turn a pipe or rod about its axis in one direction only. piping


Atheorem which states that the sum of the moments of inertia of a plane lamina about any two perpendicular axes in the plane of the lamina is equal to the moment of inertia about an axis through their intersection perpendicular to the lamina.


A pressure-plate anemometer consisting of a plate which is free to swing about a horizontal axis in its own plane above its center of gravity; the angular deflection of the plate is a function of the wind speed; this instrument is not used for station measurements because of the false reading which results when the frequency of the wind gusts and the natural frequency of the swinging plate coincide.


A theorem which states that the moment of inertia of a body about any given axis is the moment of inertia about a parallel axis through the center of mass, plus the moment of inertia that the body would have about the given axis if all the mass of the body were located at the center of mass.


A directed closed path in the complex frequency plane used in constructing a Nyquist diagram, which runs upward, parallel to the whole length of the imaginary axis at an infinitesimal distance to the right of it, and returns from jn to jn along a semicircle of infinite radius in the right half-plane.

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