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A closed plane figure bounded by straight lines.

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A closed ring formed of helically wound wire.

Such springs used to secure carbon ring packing segments in a turbogenerator gland.


A valve fitted with a plug that has a hole through which fluid flows and that is rotatable through 90 for operation in the open or closed position. Also known as plug cock.


1. A valve or sluice gate for regulating water or sewage flow. 2. A closed water conduit controlled by valves and located between the intake and the turbine in a hydroelectric plant.


An unmounted lock with a shackle that can be opened and closed; the shackle is usually passed through an eye, then closed to secure a hasp.


A system whose block diagram has at least two closed paths, along each of which all arrows point in the same direction.


1. A size of screen or of particles passed by it in terms of the number of openings occurring per linear inch in each direction. Also known as mesh size. 2. A set of branches forming a closed path in a network so that if any one branch is omitted from the set, the remaining branches of the set do not form a closed path. Also known as loop. 3. Engagement or working contact of teeth of gears or of a gear and a rack.


An instrument which determines atmospheric pressure by measuring the height of a column of mercury which the atmosphere will support; the mercury is in a glass tube closed at one end and placed, open end down, in a well of mercury. Also known as Torricellian barometer.


The law that at each instant of time the algebraic sum of the voltage rises around a closed loop in a network is equal to the algebraic sum of the voltage drops, both being taken in the same direction around the loop. Also known as Kirchhoff's second law.


1. An experiment to detect intermolecular forces in a gas, in which one measures the heat absorbed when gas in a small vessel is allowed to expand into a second vessel which has been evacuated. 2. An experiment to measure the mechanical equivalent of heat, in which falling weights cause paddles to rotate in a closed container of water whose temperature rise is measured by a thermometer.


An instrument for measuring the vapor pressure of a liquid, consisting of a U tube containing the liquid, one arm of which connects with a closed vessel containing the same liquid, while the other connects with a pressure gage where the pressure is adjusted until the levels in the arms of the U tube are equal.

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