To strike oncoming waves repeatedly or heavily.

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To haul down or lower (a flag, mast, etc.).


1.On the beach, shore, or land (as opposed to aboard or on board). 2. Towards the shore. 3. 'To run ashore': To collide with the shore (as opposed to 'to run aground,' which is to strike a submerged feature such as a reef or sandbar)


Fairing lines added to a vessel's body plan. They take the form of straight lines (usually three in smaller craft) drawn diagonally from the centreline, to strike the area of the waterline. The projection a line drawn from the series of intersection points found (of diagonal & waterline) along the hull, gives an indication of the likely water flow across the structure.


A burner utilizing a jet stream of air to strike the liquid fuel after it has left the burner orifice.

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