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A tide station at which continuous observations have been made over a minimum of a 19-year Metonic cycle. Its purpose is to provide data for computing accepted values of the harmonic and non harmonic constants essential to tide predictions and to the determination of tidal datums for charting and coastal boundaries. The data series from this station serves as a primary another, by the individual corporation, state or local government or other body that has established the aid with U.S. Coast Guard approval.

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A pressure-plate anemometer consisting of a plate which is free to swing about a horizontal axis in its own plane above its center of gravity; the angular deflection of the plate is a function of the wind speed; this instrument is not used for station measurements because of the false reading which results when the frequency of the wind gusts and the natural frequency of the swinging plate coincide.


A radio or radar receiving station that is continuously manned for various purposes, such as for radio direction finding or for gaining information about enemy electronic devices.


An assembly machine that inserts components into a wiring board one at a time as the board is moved from station to station by a conveyor or other transport mechanism.


In survey leveling, the vertical height of the line of collimation of the instrument over the station above which it is centered, or above a specified datum level.


The specified time interval of a Loran C chain for all stations of the chain to transmit their pulse groups. For each chain a minimum group repetition interval (GRI) is selected of sufficient duration to provide time for each station to transmit its pulse group and additional time between each pulse group so that signals from two or more stations cannot overlap in time anywhere within the coverage area. The GRI is normally stated in terms of tens of microseconds; i.e., the GRI having a duration of 79,900 microseconds is stated as 7900.


An alpha-numeric symbol assigned in accordance with the provisions of the International Telecommunications Union to identify a radio station. The nationality or the radio station is identified by the first three characters; also referred to as call letters or signal letters.


A naval base; a naval air station is a base for naval aircraft.


To station the crew of a naval vessel along the rails and superstructure of the vessel as a method of saluting or rendering honors.


The location on a vessel a person goes either during an emergency or a drill to prepare for one. i.e. a Muster Drill. If a person is believed missing, all hands would report to their muster station for a head count.


A large buoy designed to take the place of a lightship where construction of an offshore light station i

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