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The interval of time required for the trailing edge of a pulse to decay from 90 percent to 10 percent of the pulse amplitude.

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The angle at the point or edge of a cutting tool.


A riveted or welded steel girder having a deep vertical web plate with a pair of angles along each edge to act as compression and tension flanges.


Extruding a plastic web beyond the edge of the substrate web in extrusion coating.


The orientation of a cutting tool whose cutting edge lags the surface of the tooth face.


A cam follower having a sharp narrow edge or point like that of a knife; useful in developing cam profile relationships.


A sharp narrow edge resembling that of a knife, such as the fulcrum for a lever arm in a measuring instrument.


A vacuum-tight seal made between copper and glass by bringing the copper to a flexible feather edge before fusing it to the glass; the copper then flexes as the glass shrinks during cooling.


An electron that is in excess of the thermal equilibrium number and, for metals, has an energy greater than the Fermi level; for semiconductors, the energy must be a definite amount above that of the edge of the conduction band.


A warm, well defined, swift, relatively narrow ocean current which originates where the Florida Current and the Antilles Current meet north of Grand Bahama Island. It gains its impetus from the large volume of water that flows through the Straits of Florida. Near the edge of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland extensions of the Gulf Stream and the Labrador Current continue as the NORTH ATLANTIC CURRENT, which fans outward and widens in a northeastward to eastward flow across the ocean. The Florida Current, the Gulf Stream, and the North Atlantic Current together form the GULF STREAM SYSTEM. Sometimes the entire system is referred to as the Gulf Stream The Gulf Stream forms the western and northwestern part of the general clockwise oceanic circulation of the North Atlantic Ocean.


The raised edge of a hatch, cockpit or skylight to help keep out water.

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